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Nice to meet you

I am an Interior designer.

I love imagining a world that doesn’t yet exist; essentially reinventing places to better people’s lives and the creative process of making it happen.


I know the client standing before me wants something beyond a beautiful place. The client wants peace of mind, a unique design and an extraordinary experience. I welcome clients that think outside of the box. For me your dream is my inspiration.

Natalie Mann

M +972 54 6691624

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I studied Sociology & Anthropology along with History of Art & Architecture at University. My education has been vital in learning to observe how people use buildings and spaces, and in turn how to create the kinds of places people will love to experience and engage in.

Prior to founding my Interior Design Studio, I ran my own business designing sets for events and photoshoots, from luxurious wedding setups to highly conceptual and branded art curated celebrations.


My vast and varied EXPERIENCE

has enabled me to stand out as a designer that maintains client timelines on schedule, budgets in check, and details running like a well-oiled machine. From the strategy stages to the post-production checklist, I will always be very involved in the creation of every piece we design.


In 2015, I became a certified Interior Designer and having mastered my original creative voice, now specialize in designing interiors, luxury or fun economy, residential or commercial.

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I am a visionary. Anything is possible to me. Setting the interior scene, creating the desired atmosphere with the physicality of the backdrop, the props, lighting and communicating the story, is at the root of 


I solve your problems creatively. I maintain a narrative-driven approach, telling your story with interior design by reinventing spaces to suit your purpose and location.



creating the scene, paying attention to reprogramming the space – the colors, textures, forms, and how it all makes you feel, from the moment of arrival to a space, to the progression from public to private spaces - is essential for an all-encompassing experience. 

My favorite part is the finish, when all the details merge to create the mise en scène, to create your dream space and experience.

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