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Mamilla, 65 sqm, Airbnb apartment located at the entrance to the Old City of Jerusalem


For me, design is storytelling and good design curates a wealth of experiences into every space. When a person walks into a room I’ve designed, the space should pique curiosity and feel inspiring.  In this apartment I wanted to give people an authentic experience that they could share and remember.  The narrative was about connecting guests to the spiritually uplifting experience of the Old City of Jerusalem. Weaving several cultures and a rich history I wanted people to engage with my designs - to inhale the experience - like an adventure stroll through the old city streets.


The entire apartment was reworked to include two ensuite bedrooms, with an open plan living kitchen space completed by a separate pantry for laundry and logistics. As this apartment is a luxurious Airbnb property, the bedroom closets where designed to fit around the doors to the en-suite with suitcase storage above and plenty of hanging space. The arch form, resembling the Gates of Jerusalem, with special compartments to store suitcases and plenty of hanging place makes the space feel clear and inviting.

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