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Nachmani, 70 sqm apartment in a recently renovated historical building on one of central Tel Aviv’s most desired streets.


Design briefs are like love letters.

This Love letter began with a few basic elements, that conjured a desired image - the perfect love affair of materials, texture, and ambience. Concrete surfaces, grey wood herringbone floor, white cabinetry with Cornices, white finished antique bricks, and an elegant fireplace; the idea was to use a limited palette of materials and to create energy from their strength. Home, like Love, should evoke a feeling of belonging.


Two ensuite bedrooms complete custom carpentry designed to create ease of movement with plenty of storage in mind. The concrete finish bathrooms, monochrome and minimalist, an exploration of the imperfection of natural materials; I love the energy that concrete creates and the feeling of wellness one gets from this cocoon of calm.

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